Custom Charters

Giant costal redwood Grandfaher Tree near Avenue of the Giants. for custom private tours in Northern California from San Francisco.
Put your own spin on classic tours

Want to add a stop at a brewery or urban winery while on your city tour? Pop into that record shop you always dreamed about visiting? We have itineraries you can tweak.

Control The Pace

Want to slow the pace and have a relaxing day or see if you can bite off more then you can chew. 

You Call It Destinations

Want to go somewhere in California other tours don't go to? Send us a message and I'll let you know what I can do.

Record shop in San Francisco's North Beach neighborhood. Book a custom San Francisco tour at

Custom Prices:

8 hour minimum:   $100 per hour

*Prices are for transportation only.

*Trips do not exceed 10 hours of daily driving.

*15 hour per day total tour time limit.

*Hotel and park charges are extra.

*Extra commercial use fees may apply for parks parking

*Prices are for Round Trip. Fees apply for one way drop off

The Miner in Old Town Auburn, CA. Book Private Tours to Gold Country and Lake Tahoe at

Custom Tour Destinations:

One Way Drop Offs and Pickups May Be Available
Want to get somewhere not listed on the site? We can service many other Northern California destinations
Fannette Island senic viewpoint near Vikingsolm. Book a private SUV tour to Lake Tahoe at
Overnight Tours:

The more popular destinations book up far in advance. Let me know where you are booked to stay and I'll get you a quote based on the distance, fees and guide hotel cost.

I do not provide general price quotes for all inclusive vacations. It is best that you select your own star level and budget range for accommodations.