Muir Woods & Sausalito Tours

Muir Woods costal redwood walking path. Avoid parking problems, book a private tour toMuir Woods:

Tours are private, you will have all seven SUV seats for yourself and your party

Coach and mini buses over 30 ft are not advised on the steep, narrow, and winding road down to Muir Woods. Located just 35-45 minutes from most San Francisco hotels, Muir Woods makes a perfect quick getaway from the city. The popularity of this park has led to some major parking congestion. About 80% of the one million or so visitors attempt to arrive by car and compete for only 170 inconveniently located parking spaces.
Land's End Tour Company drops you off and picks you up in the commercial lot close to the entrance. Save yourself the time and stress.

$30 Muir Woods commercial parking fee included (this is not the entrance fee).

Please consider an afternoon or early evening tour. You get interesting light through the trees depending on the season and there will be far less big bus tourist crowds compared to the morning.

*By booking, you are requesting but are not guaranteed a Muir Woods reservation (don't worry too much about this though, I have access to a different booking system than the public).
Muir Woods switched to a strict reservation only policy. They had to do this because the facilities can not keep up with the growing popularity. Some days they had 7000 people trying to cram into the small delicate forest.
Reservations release 3 days, 1 month and 3 months before the date of your tour). If you are not flexible with your departure time or do not like uncertainty, avoid a Muir Woods morning tour. Afternoons are less crowded and have less big bus tourist traffic. 

Parking time in Muir Woods is strictly regulated and enforced by the park. Most groups only need an average 75-90 minutes in the forest. If you would like more time, request a quote for a double reservation allowing up to 3 hours at Muir Woods.

Sausalito's yacht harbor during sunset. Book an AM or PM private tour from San Francisco at


Sausalito may be visited before or after Muir Woods (depending on parking reservation assignment). Visit the shops and galleries, have a waterfront meal, taste some wine or just stroll the harbor and enjoy the views of San Francisco. You have the option of extending your free time in Sausalito by taking the ferry back on your own, in which case, we will use the Sausalito free time to visit coastal viewpoints like Muir Beach Overlook and Hawk Hill.

Not included: Muir woods admission.

$15 per adult over 16 and older. This is so I don't overcharge smaller groups or families with kids.

$30 up close commercial parking is included.

Muir Woods front gate sign. Book an SUV private tour to Muir Woods from San Francisco at

Tour time is approximately 4 hours.

Extra time is $100 per hour when available.

Recommended schedule:

30 minutes drive to Muir Woods.

90 minutes visiting Muir Woods.

30 drive to Sausalito.

60 minutes visiting Sausalito.

30 minutes back to San Francisco.

4 Hour Muir Woods & Sausalito Tour:  

AM Tour: $465

PM Tour: $425

Full Day Muir Woods Tours:

8 Hour Muir & Wine Country Tour


My advice: Our chance of getting a Muir Woods reservation greatly increases the later in the day you are willing to go. Please consider a later afternoon 4 hour tour or the 8 hour SF City, Muir & Sausalito Combo, as this will give us a larger visitation window to reserve.

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