You would need a "Full House" to pay rent in San Francisco

With Alamo Square under construction ("how rude"), nostalgic San Francisco visitors who grew up watching TV sitcom Full House can still seek out the fictional home's actual location. Many fans assume the show was set in Alamo Square, where the characters are seen near Postcard Row during the opening montage of seasons 4-8. In seasons 1-3, the camera zooms out from a home with a red door. Want the address? "You got it dude." 1709 Broderick Street. Want to own a piece of sitcom history? Well, "you're in big trouble mister!" The three bedroom Victorian built in 1883 just sold in August for 4 million dollars. "Whoa baby!" That's over 10 times what the Tanner family would have paid when the show first aired in 1987. If you're not ready to fully commit to a life living next to Kimmy Gibbler, you can now rent the home for $13,950 a month. "Have mercy!"

See both locations on a custom private SUV tour of San Francisco. Visit:

Email: for reservations.

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